TerraTech is the leading supplier of trackway and pontoon systems in the Middle East. Our core business is the rental of our systems to provide access solutions to a varied customer base throughout the region and beyond, either on land or water.

We also offer all of our systems on a sale basis. Customers can therefore be sure that the solution they purchase has been tested and proven in extreme conditions, and is suitable for the purpose they require.

Many of our clients rely on us to offer more than just a rental solution. With our vast experience in the region we are often requested to undertake a more in depth role on a project.

Our services include:

  • Preliminary site investigation
  • General design and layout proposals
  • Specifying multiple systems for installation
  • Site management and access
  • Trackway maintenance
  • Desert access roads (short and long term)
  • Multiple reconfiguration of sites during the hire period
  • Floating pontoon platforms
  • Service and safety boats
  • Staging systems and decks
  • Standby crew
  • Supply of site vehicles and trailers
  • Temporary office accommodation and mess halls
  • Temporary toilets and ablution units
  • Fencing and traffic control
  • Remote location set up and operation
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