TerraDeck is an innovative, light to medium duty trackway system,
suitable for pedestrians and light vehicles.

fp terradeck

The unique design means that applied loads are spread across the adjacent panels by means of an overlap and under lap connection system. This gives incredible strength to the system and ensures that the panels stay connected even in the harshest conditions.

With no specialist tools, moving parts or awkward clips and connections, TerraDeck is an extremely quick and efficient system to install and recover. Manufactured from high quality HDPE, the panels are chemically inert and resistant to oil and petrol.


  • Easy to install ground protection
  • Fast temporary access for pedestrians and light vehicles
  • No ground preparation required
  • Strong yet flexible to follow contours of the underlying surface
  • Save time and money in reinstating ground and landscaped areas
  • Avoid health and safety issues caused by poor ground and working conditions
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