November 2016 - Jumeirah Golf Estates

Project: Jumeirah Golf Estates

Moving a heavy crane across soft terrain is always a challenge. When that terrain happens to be the driving range of a well known golf course, that adds additional challenges.


The Jumeirah Golf Estates has recently added a number of new flood lighting towers to their driving range. In order for the towers to be erected, it was necessary to bring an all terrain crane onto the course to lift the towers into position. To protect the manicured grass from damage, TerraTech installed the TerraTrak system to spread the weight of the crane and prevent rutting.

With multiple towers to install, the entire project was scheduled for a week. However with the TerraTrak being easy to move and reconfigure, the entire project was completed ahead of schedule with no damage and no incidents. Indeed due to the success of the mats, they were used again during the commissioning and focussing of the lights to allow the technicians access via a boom lift.

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