November 2016 - F1 - Abu Dhabi

Project: F1 Abu Dhabi

The arrival of the Formula One road show into Abu Dhabi each year, brings with it a number of projects that require specialist trackway and services. One of these projects is a private event held on Saadiyat Island Beach. We have supplied access systems here for a number of years, along with our experience in project management to build the event structures.


Saadiyat Beach is a natural beach that supports remnant coastal dune vegetation. This vegetation grows without any irrigation, living on moisture from infrequent rainfall and heavy fogs experienced on the island. Its sensitivity to disturbance has led to the creation of the Saadiyat Dune Protection Zone, which is at least 60 metres wide. TerraTech is fully aware of the need to protect this sensitive location, and we design all access routes around the dunes, avoiding the dune vegetation and ensuring no damage occurs.

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