How can TerraTech systems help me?

We can supply and install trackway systems over soft or sensitive surfaces to provide access for pedestrians, vehicles, trucks, heavy equipment and plant.

We can also supply and install stable flooring solutions that will allow you to establish work pads, staging areas, site offices, pedestrian walkways, helipads etc.

In addition to land based requirements, we can also help you with water operations using our AquaDeck pontoon system. This innovative solution has tremendous weight loading capacity and can be used for floating stages, walkways, floating bridges and work platforms.

TerraTech systems are innovative, strong and tested in the most difficult conditions ensuring that we can meet the demands and requirements of every possible industry.

How does it work?

TerraTech systems are designed and installed to spread applied loads over a large area. This minimises or eliminates the chances of vehicles and equipment becoming bogged down or stuck in poor conditions.

Pedestrian systems allow pathways and circulation areas to be installed, creating stable and safe access for working personnel and the general public.

TerraTech systems also minimise the impact of projects on sensitive surfaces such as natural grass and ecologically protected areas. In addition, we also protect finished surfaces from damage such as tiles, marble floors and carpeted areas.

What are the advantages over ‘traditional’ methods?

Some people still believe that it’s easier and cheaper to use plywood for pedestrian and vehicle access. However this ‘solution’ will actually cost you more money.

Once you have the material delivered to your site, you will have to install it, find a solution to join it together, ensure its stable and try to level it.

The first vehicle that drives across it will result in the wood splintering, cracking and splitting as the material has no flex or load bearing capacity. This will result in health and safety issues and possibly injury.

You will then have to remove the damaged areas, and install additional panels to ensure that your operations can continue. After your project, you will then be faced with a major clean up operation and a lot of waste material that needs to be disposed of.

TerraTech eliminates all of this. We specify the correct system for your requirement, deliver it, install it and handover a safe and economic solution. After your project is complete, we will recover the system and leave the site with no damage and no waste.

Can I cover ballroom carpets and marble floors?

Absolutely. We supply a number of different flooring solutions to suit various requirements.

We can supply and install a system to protect an existing floor covering from damage such as liquid spills, vehicle tyres and general wear and tear.

In addition, the system will facilitate the installation of a temporary floor covering such as a carpet to meet the requirements of a specific client or event.

How much weight can the systems handle?

All of our systems have specific purposes, and therefore they have different weight capacities and applications.

We have pedestrian specific systems, light vehicle systems, heavy vehicle and truck systems, through to crane access and heavy duty systems; whatever your requirement, from pedestrian pathways to access for a 200 ton crane, we have a solution for you.

What does AquaDeck do?

AquaDeck is an innovative floating pontoon system. Each unit is joined to the adjacent unit to create the desired configuration for each individual project.

In its simplest configuration we can support loads in excess of 350kgs per sq.m. However we can increase this to over 1,000kgs per sq.m for extreme projects.

AquaDeck can be used for almost any project on water. Floating stages, temporary structures, work platforms, access bridges, viewing areas, marine maintenance, helipads, pyrotechnic displays etc.

The only limit is your imagination!

How do I decide which system is best for my requirement?

Simply call us to discuss! Advice is free, and we will endeavour to find the best possible solution to meet your requirements. We will need to have some basic details in terms of your specific needs, such as location, purpose, sub surface, quantity, duration etc. An individual quotation can then be prepared along with a site visit if necessary.

As we are generally the first on site, we can also assist with the planning of your project so that everything is in place and ready when you arrive.

Is there a limit in terms of quantity?

We supply a range of systems, and we ensure that we have a considerable quantity of each. We are the only supplier in the Middle East that actually has stock of the systems that we advertise.

There is quite literally no limit to the size of project that we can undertake!

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